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Lies and Deceit

A successful R&B diva must do whatever it takes to keep it all together when her life is turned upside down with blackmail attempts, family conflict, and an impatient suitor.

As far as their neighbors and fans know, the Dunnigans are a loving and supportive family. Malissa Dunnigan, a.k.a. Lady D, is at the top of her game. An established star in the R&B industry, she’s a household name with wealth, awards, and success. But despite everything she’s gained and earned, something is still missing in her fairytale life.

On the day she meets Antonio Jackson, a handsome and wealthy bachelor with hazel eyes and a shaky past, Lady D dares to dream of even more. But will the specter of a past love get in the way of her future with Antonio? After two years, her world begins to turn upside down, and she’s powerless to stop it. Someone’s blackmailing her, she’s constantly fighting with her brothers (which is nothing new), and now Antonio is pressuring her about marriage. Malissa can’t help but drag her feet, and her resolve is further complicated by secrets she’s kept from her fans, her family, and Antonio.

As the curtain closes and the spotlight disappears, there is another story to be told—and this performing family is about to learn that the truth will do anything but set them free. When Malissa’s parents, Clinton and Vera, receive a threatening note, Vera gathers her family to strategize. Despite years of conflict that they’ve somehow kept within the family, can the Dunnigans pull together to save everything they love?

Or will Malissa’s secrets cause it all to come crashing down around them?

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Lies and Deceit 2

Just when things were looking up for the Dunningan’s, they are hit hard with trouble again. Now, Malissa has kept another secret from Antonio, one that he did not even have a clue about but may send him packing with Antonio Jr. But the secret that Malissa has harbored all these years will cause someone to end up dead.

Meanwhile, Douglas is still trying to find out who killed Charlene. As he comes closer to finding out, he stumbles upon something else. One thing Douglas does find out the hard way is that hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Caesar and Dante have so many issues until it is not funny anymore. Caesar once again has come in contact with Cynthia, who will cause a great deal of turmoil and frustration.

Dante has married the love of his life—or so he thought—until one night when they are out to dinner. Someone shoots out the back window of Dante’s SUV. As Dante unravels the truth, he is hit with something that he never saw coming.

By looking at Clinton and Vera, they look like the ideal parents and grandparents, but which one of them have a secret that will blow the family off the map?

This book, Lies and Deceit 2, takes place in North Carolina.

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